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It’s still cold….

When I woke up this morning, the reality of winter started to sink in and I needed serious heat therapy. So what could be better than a nice hot cup of tea?

Well, hot chocolate (or anything chocloate for that matter), but you get the idea. So I pulled out my pretty red teapot and my mismatched teacups and brewed an apple/berry combo. Just me, my babies and a nice cup of tea…pure bliss! Despite the gloomy weather, it is bound to be a good day….


It’s almost freezing today (39 degrees), and for this Texas girl, that is close enough to count! I have a couple of photo shoots lined up for this weekend and am secretly hoping for snow for the second shoot. Growing up in central Texas, I saw snow twice my entire childhood. I absolutely love to see children playing in the snow, and would be truly excited to get a chance to document this adorable boy building his first snowman with his parents this weekend!

So, what does one do when one does not feel like taking a walk outside for fear of freezing her toes (or baby’s nose) off? One cranks up the heat in the house and snaps photos of one’s precious babies indoors, of course! Here are a couple of snapshots of my sweeties playing on my new “heart-day” rug…Enjoy!

…and stay warm….


My first blog entry…where to begin?

Well, I suppose it’s appropriate to bid adieu to 2007. I had quite a year! Early on, my husband and I “officially” moved into our new home. Built in 1927, it has some great architectural details, and also some renovating challenges! I absolutely love my new home, particularly the dining room, and we have already made so many memories here in Pennsylvania.
Many, many, many cartons of chocolate ice cream later, we celebrated the birth of our son, Evan. He weighed in at 7lbs, 11 oz. and is absolutely delicious (but oddly doesn’t taste like chocolate ice cream at all). I’m sure you will get to know him through volumes of photographs on my blog!

My baby girl, Kia, a sweet and fluffy ball of love inspired me to start my very own business….photography. She is a young 11 (almost 12) year old Bischon with a new best friend…Evan! You will likely get to know her through photos here too!

So what is happenning in the new year?

Well, I am pouring myself completely into my business this year, with the launch of my new website! http://www.buphotography.com/ (Will be premiering very soon!) There,you will find my galleries, work details, contact info, and clients will even be able to view their own photos from our sessions on this site.

Also, we are expecting another sibling for Evan in 2008….just teasing! I am looking forward to attending a few professional conferences and seminars and also spending some time in Michigan, Texas, and possibly Florida.

Thanks for visiting!

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