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About BUP

I have to confess: I have four obsessions…babies, dogs, photography, and chocolate. My driving goal in life? To combine all four of these into one delicious occupation.

Each day with my own little family brings something completely new, and the mundane becomes extraordinary. My children’s innocence, sincerity, and fascination with every aspect of life are the most wonderful insights into their spirits. My pup’s unconditional love and genuine nature make him so very lovable and dear to my heart. Each moment I have with them is precious to me and I am determined to record these moments through photography so that I will never forget, and they will be able to share with their families for generations to come.

I aim to capture that for each of my clients and their families. As for chocolate…well, maybe one day I will figure out how to include it in the mix. For now, I will stick to photographing the most adorable, unpredictable, sweet, and unconditionally loving subjects in existence – babies and dogs. Thanks for visiting me…let’s make some memories together!



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