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Things I’m Loving… Lily-Jade



Not your momma’s diaper bag…..Can you spot the diaper bag in this picture? How about the fabulously chic travel bag that just HAPPENS to be the perfect container for everything baby/toddler/photography/life? Yup, that is the Lily-Jade Elizabeth bag.

I have a decent amount of travel scheduled for the remainder of my year, so when I found this bag, I was swooning. The Elizabeth bag has two generously sized front and back pockets for easy access to larger items….ipad, you have found your new home! In addition, there are also two smaller magnetic snap pockets in front and two on the sides….so many places for all of those extra items…sunglasses, phone, hand sanitizer, CF cards, …um….chocolate? Yes, I have a designated chocolate pocket. And I should probably find a way to lock it since I have a couple of tiny choco-thieves coming on my travels….Ahem….



The larger zippered main compartment is super roomy and….it gets better.  I know, “How could it possibly?”

Well, trust me on this….it has a removable *MACHINE WASHABLE* organizer inside with enough pockets to make the most organized among us weep tears of joy! There are pockets deep enough to hold a bottle/sippy cup if you happen to be toting around a tiny person, wide enough to hold handfuls of diapers, books, dog treats, camera lenses, items for bribery….everything a girl like me needs!




The materials on this baby are amazing y’all. Oops….you caught me! Yup, Texas roots creeping in here. *Yee-haw!* The leather is premium…..In fact, I am pretty sure I’ve been caught a few times just smelling/petting the bag. It’s just lovely. The hardware is really substantial and high quality…amazing and sparkly. *love!*

LJ05wPINIMAGELJ06wPINIMAGESee? These two think traveling with mom will be SO much more efficient now….LJ-00wPINIMAGELJ07wPINIMAGELJ08wPINIMAGE



So this bag also has one extra special little feature that is a game changer….can you spot it?



Boom! There it is! It has a strap that can convert the bag to a BACKPACK. Hands free mommy hood? Yes, please! Did I mention that I love this bag? Find yours here: Lily-Jade.com


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