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Atlas + Lola: Main Line Dog Photographer

Meet Atlas & Lola…two of the sweetest pups I have met in a long time! Atlas is a big black dog-bear…that’s right, he’s part bear, part dog….he is a gentle giant and hides from thunder–so cute! Lola is a massive snuggler and I decided that she is part fox, part dog, part baby. She hugs with her whole body, is VERY curious, and is as fast as lightning!

J&A, their parents, were super adorable and I absolutely loved this little family of four. We had such a nice time and I am so excited to share a small sample of their gallery. Maybe if you are lucky, I’ll decide to post their slideshow in here too…anyone interested in seeing the whole session? 🙂


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  • aynsleigh - Thanks Bernadette! You did a wonderful job! xoxo

  • Joe Pollarine - We love our puppies so much and these pictures are amazing. Thanks for taking them and making them look wonderful.

  • Cressida - What a cute little family – Mum, Dad and the 2 little ankle biters. Love Aunty C

  • Maureen Dorin - Love these photos!!!

  • Carolyn - Awwwww…my granddoggies, love them and their Mum and Dad so much!!

  • Molly McDaniel-Rentschler - Great pictures…love the dogs in the car!!!!

  • Christine Valocchi - Love these pictures!

  • Christine Thiers - If there was an award for cutesy pups, these two should definitely get it! 🙂

  • Janice - What beautiful pictures!! Love them!

  • georgine smith - they are amazing photos, and are adorable

  • Jen Braid - Great pics! Love them:)

  • Ashley Braid - Wow, the pics turned out great!!!

  • Andrea - These are great!!! Don’t know how you will pick!!

  • court - photos are great. attie and lollie look so cute!

  • Isabelle "Business" Dann - Auntie Ayno and Uncle Joey look almost as cute as Attie and Lollie! Great Pictures!

  • Grandpa - Wonderful photographer and wonderful subjects

  • Portia - What a great location and great pictures! Lola is a bit of a poser like her Aunty P!

  • Shane - Like the pictures!

  • Grayden Toorenburg - Awesome photos! Sweet photography ideas putting them inthe mini cooper!

  • Christie - I love this family!!!! Need these prints!

  • Lisa Kirk - I LOVE the pics, especially the first one 🙂

  • Alysia Sheppard - When can you come to Australia and take pictures of my kids? Love these photos!

  • anna banana - beautiful pictures. love attie and lollie! so cute!

  • caroline localcal - great pics!

  • michelle - love! love! love!

  • dee - puppies and pics are adorable! love dee from oz

  • Alex Petersen - Wow, these picture are great!

  • Chris - Great pictures. Love to see more!

  • JP Toto - The dogs and the lady look great but what’s that goofy-looking fella doing there? 😉

  • JenM - Awesome pics! Love the car shots!

  • Cindy - Amazing and beautiful photos….good looking subjects! Love, Love!!

  • Toby Kirk - Nice family pic. Lookin good guys!

  • J polarize jr - Great pics of my grand dogs

  • JB - I hope they are driving on a closed course. Great pics!

  • Sonya - The dogs in the car are too adorable for words. All great pics!

  • lauren deangelo - What wonderful pictures!!!! great job bernadette!

  • Nancy Gotley - omg! so beautiful. where did you take these pictures? atlas and lola are adorable. buphotography does a stunning job!

  • Alysia - Simply Stunning!

  • Mindy - ok, these are sooooo cool 🙂

  • Kavitha - Awesome pics.

  • Danielle l. - As usual, great pictures bernadette

  • Christopher - LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!! You guys look so cute. I need pictures like that when I get my dog. 🙂

  • Ling - They are totally great photos! Ever since when do doggies get driver’s licenses? Totally cute but are they insured?

  • Lillian Pollarine - These photopgraphs are beautiful. my great grandpuppies are so cute!

  • Nico - Great photos Aynsleigh!

  • Michelle N - These are great pictures, the dogs are so cute!

  • Melissa - These pictures are very well done! And the pups are so cute!

  • Barbara Walsh - Such great photos.

  • john - your dogs are spoiled rotten, aynsleigh. beautiful photos

  • nicole walsh - hey aynsleigh. mum told me to check out your pictures and they look great. your photographer is very talented. love nicole

  • jenny y d - beautiful

  • Maria - Wow! These are great!! Love the pics in the car!

  • Shannon - Such a beautiful family! Great photos 🙂

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