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Tuesday Giveaway!: Awesome Philadelphia Photographer

Go ahead and thank me now!  I figure it’s Tuesday, why not give something away, right?  Well, get ready for this next gorgeous giveaway…a lovely necklace from a favorite etsian: SimaG.  

A friend introduced me to Sima’s shop a while back and I recently visited to purchase a fabulous necklace of my own.  There were so many beautiful things, that I had the HARDEST time choosing, but finally ended up with this hammered circles one and I am in love!  


Sima is not only talented, but a dream to work with and so very sweet. Enter for a chance to win a necklace for yourself or a loved one including ONE personalized disc (either gold-filled or silver) like mine shown below!  The light weight and craftsmanship on these necklaces are absolutely perfect.  I wear mine often these days and adore it!



So how do you enter, you ask?  Leave a comment below, answering this question: Who or what inspires you?  You can also earn additional entries by sharing on your blog, twitter, or facebook about the giveaway. Just leave an additional comment for each way you shared, and include the link to cash in your extra entry!

* Contest will be open until Midnight EST on Monday, August 17th. Winner must be a US resident.

Good luck all!

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  • Melissa - Hmmm… so much inspires me. 🙂 But my dogs probably inspire me the most! They are just incredible in the way that they challenge me to see things differently.

  • Amy - Now…what inspires me?
    The answer is surprisingly easier than I expected. My kids. And I know it’s cliche and cheesy but they really do inspire me to work harder and do things I may not want to do. Especially lately with the way things have(n’t) been going for us. It’s been hard and extremely emotional but if I want to give them the best life possible then it’s necessary.

  • Amy - Oh and I facebooked about the giveaway too!

  • Maggie - I love this giveaway!

    I am inspired by my daughter. She is just so excited about life and it’s contagious.

  • Maggie - I blogged about it as well but for some reason it’s not letting me copy and paste it here. I think you know where to find it though 😉

  • Bridget - what a beautiful necklace!!! I have great friends that inspire me. Whether its learning from an experience they have had or having them support me through a personal situation we are always there for each other gaining strength to move ahead.

  • Sheila - My nephews inspire me. You photographed them a few weeks ago and I love watching them experience new things.

  • Jacqui - My daughter Jaelynn inspires me everyday. She is an amazing little girl who has overcome so much in her short 10 years. I’m amazed with how far she has come and the attitude that has gotten her to where she is now. I can’t wait to see her grow into an adult and see her reach her full potential..

  • Leslie - Currently my Google Reader is inspiring me. It is so full and stuffed of blog posts, photos, and articles that every time I click into the files I’m just a sponge soaking up all the wonderful content.

  • Andrea - I get inspiration from my children mostly, but also from everything in life…Interior design, fabrics, nature…all have a little play in my inspiration.

  • Andrea - AndreaGayle said on Twitter: Fabulous giveaway by BUP Photography. Bernadette is extremely talented. http://bit.ly/aFqd4

  • Mandy - My family inspires me to do my best, specifically my husband. He does nothing less than his best EVER. He puts forth everything he has, both mentally and physically, every day to help people’s lives. After so many years I am still amazed by him.

  • Mandy - Posted on FB too 🙂

  • Jaidean Baker - Beautiful! My kids definitely inspire me!

  • Jaidean Baker - I tweeted about it too!

  • Yesenia Leonard - I am inspired by smiles. It can just be a picture of someone smiling sometimes that moves me. Usually though, it’s a real live person in front of me. Maybe I’m having a bad day when they smile at me and change my perspective. Sometimes it’s me doing the smiling at someone who is tired or busy. Then I can see the expression on their face change. Today, it was the smile on your twitter profile picture. You look curious and mischevious, a great combo! If I don’t win the necklace, I will still smile. It’ll just be a sad little smile.

  • Kim Davenport - Since I have started as a part time photographer (last three years) everything I see inspires me. Everywhere I go and everything I see, I see as a photograph. I am ALWAYS thinking of new ideas and can’t wait to get my hands back on my camera. It’s a wonder I haven’t wrecked as I take in every inch of scenery on my drive to my “other” job.

  • Kim Davenport - http://twitter.com/fotofeast

    posted on my twitter account!

  • Kim Davenport - Check out this awesome giveaway on BUP Photography Blog here http://bit.ly/19tucY

    Forgot to paste my tweet.

  • Jennie - Well, I first have to say I am most inspired by the youthfulness of my children, otherwise I would suffer from “mother’s guilt” 🙂

    But in addition, I am inspired by the families I work with. I have been an early intervention specialist working with children birth to 3yr. for over 15 years. I am so inspired by the dedication, perseverance and honesty shown with the families I have worked with. Most of the families I work with are just discovering that their child has special needs and are not only learning to cope with their own emotions, but how to best nuture their childs needs as well. I LOVE my job and wouldn’t trade it for the world! It truly warms my heart when a parent feels so much joy and love for their child with even the slightest of accomplishments. Big things come in little packages 🙂

  • Jami - hmmm – that’s a tough one….. there is always the sassy Gabster – but that is the easy answer. I love color – so lots of different colors inspire me, yellows, blues, reds. But also textures and patterns especially if I find them in nature like rocks, streams, mountains.

  • Michele kats - My three amazing little kids inspire me everyday

  • Leanne - My children inspire me. Watching the world through their eyes is just amazing to me!

  • Leanne - Posted on facebook too!

  • Jessi - My son, Gabe, is my greatest inspiration! He inspires me to be the best mom, wife, woman, person I can be. His love for me amazes me each and every day! (wow…that’s my allotment of gushiness for the week! ha!)

  • Jessi - Posted on Twitter! 🙂

  • Jessi - And on Facebook!

  • kelly g - That’s awesome!!! I love it!

    My kids inspire me, as does the spirit of high school kids. Love them!

  • kelly g - Facebooked about it, too!

  • Marci - My kids inspire me. Everyday.

  • becky - I am totally inpsired by all of the creative, wonderful ladies on TPB!

  • becky - posted on fb too!

  • Susan Clarkson - My son inspires me. He is the greatest teacher.

  • amberly - Family inspires me! Having a new baby daughter has taught me a new kind of love that is so complete and unconditional it takes my breath away. And sharing this experience with the love of my life (my hubby) is the most amazing feeling! I am inspired to be better and do better for them to make them proud!

  • Meggan - The obvious is my kids! The thought of reaching my goals in life is what is inspiring me right now!

  • Meggan - And now you are on my Facebook!!

  • Loralee - My son inspires me! He is always happy even when he takes those little tumbles. It reminds me, to suck it up! Life is what you make it!

  • Catherine - My camera inspires me… everytime I pick it up to take pictures, it forces me to see things differently… to see the beauty in everyday things. And then it’s a chain reaction of being inspired by what I see! 🙂

  • Jessica Wright - My wonderful boys inspire me each and everyday!

  • Jessica Wright - Tweeted: @JessWphoto

  • Jennifer - Love the jewelry! These days it’s hard not to be inspired by all of the creativity of others, both in real life and online, but nature is always a good source for more raw inspiration.

  • Jennifer - tweeted… @seedlingsphoto

  • Scarlett - FUN AND GORGEOUS!! My family inspires me, no doubt about it!! I will head over to post on FB:)

  • Angela Compton - My husband inspires me. He keeps me going when I want to give up! He is a wonderful parent and partner in life and he makes me want to be a better person. I love him more than I can say!

  • Scarlett - added it to my FB:)

  • Tracey S - My family inspires me, especially my daughter. I love to watch her take in the world & enjoy the simplest of things…things we take for granted as adults. The world through a child’s eyes – does it get any better?!

    I also FB’d this amazing giveaway: http://www.facebook.com/tracey.southerland

  • Erin - My mom inspires me. She has the biggest heart and gives like crazy. She donates a lot of her time to raise money for CHOC (Children’s Hopsital of OC), to knitting caps for Cancer patients through Knots of Love, as well as working part-time, and taking care of her grandchildren 2x a week. On top of that she is always helping out her friends and family with one thing or another, like planning a party or helping friends get back on their feet after losing a spouse. She is constantly on the go doing something from someone else. She has so many friends because she is such a wonderful person. I can’t remember the last time I have gone somewhere with her and she hasn’t ran into someone she knows. If I win this necklace, I am going to give it to her. She deserves it.

  • Jami - Great giveaway! My dad inspires me. He is a hard worker and a wonderful father and grandpa.

  • Kim - Hmmm, my children inspire me to be a better person. To act in ways and treat others the way I would want them to act as adults. My pup Ella-Bella also inspires me to be more happy go lucky, her tail never stops wagging even when she’s done something nobody appreciates…like chewing up my coach handbag!

  • Keri - Music inspires me!

  • Keri - Posted on FB too

  • Elise - What inspires me….The thought of finding perfect internal peace. Seriously- sounds silly, but to not be stresed, worried or paranoid!

  • Elise - Oh yeah- I posted on Facebook!

  • Stephanie M - Recently I’ve decided to go back to school to continue pursuing my dreams to be a Registered Nurse. These special people inspired me. After the loss of our first baby, I wasn’t doing too good mentally. These special people picked me back up and made life look a whole lot brighter. These special people are my family. My babies inspire me to be a better mom and person overall. I want them to know, no matter what obstacles life throws at them, they can do anything they put their mind to. I have to be an example for them. My husband for being a strong man for us and always having a smile on his face no matter what’s going on. They are what keep me going. Not only for them, but for myself.

  • Helen Makadia - What a deep question! As a photographer, the light and environment I am in inspires me. Seeing the shadows created by beautiful light is unparallel to artificial light although we can always try to find ways to mimic it in the studio. As a woman, I am inspired by my friends and family, and course my hard working husband.

  • Bobbi - My children, each of them has changed me in their own ways and I am me because of them!

  • Cindy - A lot of things inspire me. My kids first and foremost. Magazines, Music, Art…just a few things that also inspire me.

  • Rebecca - My Mom 🙂 She is an amazing woman and has done so much for me. She always put everyone before herself. She is a blessing to my daughter and I. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother and best friend.

  • Hannah - I am inspired by my mom. She has been so incredible over the past year and a half taking on so much for me when I was injured. She has been the best example for my sisters and I of what a mom really is.

  • Jackie P - I’ll try to keep my list short…color, light, nature, vintage things. When you get photographer eyes everything is beautiful! Thanks for having the giveaway!

  • Jackie P - blogged ya!

  • Traci - My daughter inspires me. She reminds me constantly to use my imagination and look at things from a different perspective – usually hers!

  • Jennifer - My daughter inspires me. I find myself going back to my own childhood and looking through the eyes of innocence I once had, acting like a big goofball just to see her smile and hear her laugh. And most of all, she inspires me to just be a better person in general.

  • Molly W. - Awesome photo blogs inspire me. 🙂

  • Shelby A. - This is a great giveaway! I get inspiration from looking through lots of different photography and design blogs. Some of my favorites are ohdeedoh, ashley ann photography, and spearmint baby.

  • John C - My sons inspire me to be a better person and father.

  • Amy - This is a little cliche, but my parents inspire. my mom especially –she’s from vietnam and came over with nothing, but some clothes fast forward twenty-some years and here we are. we have a roof over our head. we have cars to drive. a steady drive. my mom went from nothing to everything she has now, with no college degree. she had to work, and was not able to go to school to get to where she is. I honestly cant say that I would have everything she does now if you picked me up and threw me into another country with nothing but my clothes. 🙂

  • Olivia - I’m inspired by a young lady named Michelle who writes an inspirational blog called Oh Mishka, she always has something interesting to say and I absolutely love her style and take on life and things in general:)

    Here blog: http://ohmishka.blogspot.com/

  • Olivia - I’ve tweeted about this lovely blog giveaway!!! http://twitter.com/OliviaOlivia13 Hope I win I love Sima’s jewelry she is the best:D!!!!


  • Olivia - I’ve mentioned this blog giveaway on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=100000084045850&ref=name


  • Rebecca Garcia - This is easy. My nieces and nephews have always inspired me to be youthful, knowledge thirsty, and driven. They are all fun-loving and exciting kids who have great futures and I’m so happy to be their Auntie. Now that I’ve begun a hobby in photography, I’m thrilled to take part in documenting their most memorable moments in their lives i.e. graduations, birthdays, newborns, marriages, quincineras, etc. I’m excited! They are all like my very own.

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